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Smarter solutions, same price.

Our delivery bags are in the same price range as any other high quality bags, but they also keeps the pizza crust and cheese crispy with built-in moisture absorption.



  • Extra visibility in areas close to the restaurant
  • Offer benefits your competitors don’t have
  • Get extra attention with a new and trendy carrier
  • Less delivery and more pick-ups
  • No extra plastic bag needed for soda
  • The low cost will surprise you   



Professional Thermalbags comes in a variety of different models that fits most pizza sizes. We have both bags that can contain up to eight pizzas and the new SMARTBAG

With your company logo

Carry multiple pizzas, bottle and sauce with one hand. Yes, it is possible with the EASYBAG.

Check out our video.

For hamburger etc

Do you sell other products than pizza. No problem. The HOT AND COLD bag are great to transport anything else.


Personal Pizzabag are created from the same material as our Professional Thermal bag. Sell them to your customer on pick-ups.

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Do you transport pizzas for multiple customers in a large pizza bag? Heat escapes every time you open it, so the last delivery will usually be lukewarm at arrival.

Switch to our SMARTBAG. Each pizza will have their own bag that stay closed from the oven until delivery.

The bags are equipped with a transparent plastic pocket for receipts, to make sure that no orders are delivered at the wrong location. The SMARTBAG can be combined with our “HOT AND COLD” bag.

The bags comes with a durable carrying strap.  

EASYBAG - carry everything with one hand

Sell pizzabags to your customers

Make sure that customers who pick up their pizza gets the same experience as your guests in the restaurant. Become a reseller of our Personal Pizzabag.

The Personal Pizzabag are created from the same material as our professional thermal bags.

Let me introduce A new concept that takes pizza bag and food delivery to a new level.

Traditional bags are constructed to keep the heat inside and the food warm. This gives another challenge. It also traps humidity that makes pizza soft. 

We have solved the problem by creating a pizza bag that contains six specially designed layers that both reflects heat and removes humidity. No power supply or batteries needed. The product has been created over several years and tested by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The idea came to me when I was working on a fabric that is created for transport of medical equipment. I have worked in the restaurant business for several years, and I saw the possibility to use the same technology for food transport. 

Remember to check out our EASYBAG. A plastic bag designed to carry pizzas, sauce and soda with one hand.

Øyvind Rossbach


We would like to expand our business to other countries. Are you a potential partner?

Our products solve problems that all pizza restaurant owner can relate to.

Unhappy customers that get a cold soggy pizza delivered on the door, or pick-up customers that struggle to carry, pizza, soda and sauce.

Restaurants using our products get the small but important benefits that turns customers into clients.

First of all we are reaching out to pizza chains, restaurant suppliers or investors. Do you find our products interesting? Do not hesitate to contact us, and let us see how our solutions can benefit your business.